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Cheap Umrah Packages

Cheap Umrah Packages

Information about Umrah and where to get cheap Umrah Packages from UK.



We as Muslims are blessed with a secret weapon that can guarantee our success, happiness, and assist us achieve an improved life. Dua or supplication has great impact in our lives on an instant note. A Dua (supplication) is a direct communication with ALLAH Almighty, where we can put all our problems and worries in front of ALLAH Almighty and receive blessings, rewards and happiness for hereafter. Thus, if you are not happy with things going in your life and you are facing failures and negativities then it is suggested to turn to ALLAH Almighty and supplicate.

Yes, there are people who believe that their Dua are not approved and getting ineffective. It has to be kept in mind that each and every single dua is heard and accepted by ALLAH Almighty. It is approved and fulfilled in ALLAH’S way not yours! What we can do is just to maintain a particular etiquette as it is the Lord of the entire Universe we are talking to, so here are few tips to get your Dua accepted and approved.

Keep a good niyyat or intention

A supplication or dua done with intentions of hurting anyone, wishing bad or ill for somebody or being mean in any other aspects of life couldn’t reach the height of acceptance. Instead, keep a clean and pure heart that is filled with the love of ALLAH Almighty and good for everyone.

Stay Halal in every single aspect of life

A person whose earnings are not halal, does not matter how much charity he or she would do, his supplication and prayers will not be accepted.

Etiquettes of Dua or supplication

Do ablution (wuzu) and sit on a clean surface, Praise

ALLAH Almighty with Surah Al-Fatiha and then send blessings and peace on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Complete your Dua by sending blessings to Prophet (PBUH) through durood-e-Ibrahimi. These are the most excellent manners to supplicate.

Supplicate with true emotions

You must ask ALLAH Almighty with determination, desire and devotion. A flat prayer without any kind of hearty feelings will not get to the approval level. You should feel the bond between you and

ALLAH Almighty, the ever-seeing and ever-knowing of all your problems.

Have patience

Never entertain any thought of disapproval of your Dua or supplications. These negative types of thoughts are satanic traps that leave you hopeless and lower your belief levels towards

ALLAH Almighty. Keep in mind, a supplication made is fulfilled in 3 genres. Either it is accepted as it is, or it is not accepted but to provide you far better things that you’d desire for, or it is kept to reward person in hereafter. In any case, it is accepted for sure.

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