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Cheap Umrah Packages

Cheap Umrah Packages

Information about Umrah and where to get cheap Umrah Packages from UK.



Prophethood is not unknown to divine revealed religions, such as Christianity and Judaism. In Islam, though, it has a special status and importance. According to Islam, ALLAH Almighty created man for a noble reason: to ibadah (worship)

ALLAH Almighty and lead a righteous life based on guidance and teachings of ALLAH Almighty. How would man know his purpose and role of his existence until and unless he received clear and practical instructions of what ALLAH Almighty wants human to do? Here comes the necessarily need for prophethood. Therefore

ALLAH Almighty had chosen and selected from every nation a prophet or more to convey Message of ALLAH to people. Though, the various messengers all through the history, there are three features of a prophet that may be recognized:

1. He is the most excellent in his community intellectually and morally. This is essential because a prophet's life serves as an example and as model for his followers. His personality must attract people to accept the message rather than drive them away by his unsatisfactory character. After receiving the message he is perfect. That is, he would not commit any kind of sin. He might make few minor mistakes which are generally corrected by revelation.

2. He is supported by miracles to show and prove that he is not a fake. Those miracles are granted by the permission and the power of ALLAH Almighty and are generally in the field in which his people shine and are recognized and accepted as superiors. We might exemplify this by quoting some major miracles of the three prophets of the world major religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Hazrat Mosaa (AS) contemporaries were outstanding in magic. So his main miracle was to defeat the finest magicians of Egypt of his days. Jesus contemporaries were renowned as skilful physicians. Hence, his miracles were to raise the dead one and cure the not curable diseases. The Arabs, the contemporaries of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), So Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) major miracle was the Holy Quran. Prophet (PBUH) is the last Prophet and the divine book Holy Quran revealed on Prophet (PBUH) is also the last. Prophet (PBUH) miracle has something extraordinary about it. All previous miracles were restricted by time and place, i.e., they were exposed to specific people at a specific time. The Holy Quran is an everlasting and universal miracle.

3. Every prophet clearly states that whatever he receives is not his own but from ALLAH Almighty for the well-being of humanity. A prophet does this to show that he is only conveying the message that is entrusted to him by the One and the only ALLAH Almighty of all people in all ages. So the message is only one in essence and for the same reason.

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