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Cheap Umrah Packages

Cheap Umrah Packages

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Surah Rehman is one of the reverend and imperative Surah of Holy Quran that enumerates blessings of ALLAH that He has bestowed upon all the human kind. The Surah Rehman entails the innumerable favours of sole worshiping ALLAH encompassing favours, anger of ALLAH in the form of Day of Judgement or Qayamat and eternal omnipotence.

Humans are susceptible and fragile and fall easily to the waves of ordeals so, surrender to the worldly misery. ALLAH wants humans to remember the whole powers, blessings, and feasts ALLAH has enlightened humans with the purpose of creation that is to worship ALLAH and be thankful to Him.

ALLAH Almighty is the beseeching deity for pity and refuge from the harmful evils of Shatan that is an open enemy of humankind specially Muslims. The Surah Rehman starts with the praise worthy name of ALLAH i.e. “Rehman” and to its description is the whole Surah encapsulated in bounties and favours of ALLAH. Rehman is one of the names of ALLAH the Exalted one that entails ALLAH being unique, exclusive, unprecedented, unparallel, and merciful and Most Gracious.

The vitality of Surah Rehman lies in the kindness of merciful ALLAH who creates a human from to the clot of blood from small sperm and then blessed him with a life to worship ALLAH. The word “insaan” that ALLAH has explained in the starting verses designated “humankind” rather than Muslims.

The blessings of ALLAH don’t stop here but along creation, ALLAH has imparted the human race with the sense of comprehension and speech towards the teachings of Holy Quran. ALLAH has clearly stated in His sacred revelation, verse 55:1-4

“The Most Merciful Taught the Quran, Created man, and taught him eloquence.”

Along blessings, ALLAH has instilled the Khawf in the hearts of those people who worship Him. The fear of day of Qayamah is the scale that makes a person “Mutaqi.” At the day of Judgement each and every person will be presented in front of ALLAH for accountability of deeds and acts. The core message of Surah Rehman is the “Dignity of ALLAH that has no diminution.” The day of judgement will come and all the mountains will turned into ashes, people will be presented in the kingdom of Glorious one but the magnanimity and grandeur of ALLAH Almighty.

ALLAH has created Jins and human to worship Him but in ALLAH doesn’t need it because He has the echelons of Angels (farishtay) which are in continuous prostrating state, it emphasizes that ALLAH is the one and will always be the one till the end, so fear ALLAH and seek His forgiveness.

In nutshell, Surah Rehman comprehends the signs of ALLAH Almighty explaining the fruits and bounties of ALLAH that is evident from begin of the verse until the very end of this Surah, that’s the reason that it has entitled with the beautification of Holy Quran.

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